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The basic idea of establishing Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) emerged upon the approval of "The Law ofWeights and Measures" in 1925. Following the approval of the bill to establish ISIRI in 1960, the Institute became operational within the framework of the specified functions and responsibilities and joined the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the same year.
In 2011, ISIRI status was set under the direct supervision of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran as it has already been under the supervision of Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce.
ISIRI has so far developed some 23000 National Standards mainly in the following fields:
3127 national standards for Food and agricultural products
2890national standards for Chemical and polymer
2791national standards for Mechanics and metrology
2505 national standards for Automation and vehicles
111 national standardsfor Quality management 
694 national standards for Service
Duties and Responsibilities of ISIRI:
Identification, development and publication of National Standards except pharmaceutical
Determining goods specifications and assessing them according to respective national standards exceptpharmaceutical
Promotion of the International System of Units (S.I.)and calibration of measuring instruments
Hallmarking of precious stones
Accrediting domestic and international inspection companies, laboratories, standardization experts, management systems and environmental management systems

certification bodies
National authority for welding industry
Presenting Iranian National Quality Awards to the best qualified selected companies

ISIRI is a member to several regional and international organizations. ISIRI international communications are classified in three categories as followings: 
Membership to international forums and organizations
Membership to regional associations and organizations
Mutual cooperation with other National Standards Bodies (NSBs)

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